Your Selection

Your Selection is Key

Dream Team

If you are a fan of Marvels The Avengers, then you know the quality that can come from a strong team. Every person had been selected by Nick Fury to assemble the best of the best to accomplish an almost impossible task. Now each member of the team individually was skilled in their own right and widely respected in their universe. But to address a global attack, it would have to take more than one hero to defend the world from extraterrestrials.

How to Present

Now back to reality, how do you think Steve Jobs selected his team to create technology that changed the world? To become critically acclaimed, one of the best companies of all time. To become a business icon and be one of the most studied people regarding business in the world. With three feature films depicting him, three significant documentaries exploring him, and countless published books and articles dissecting him. In the beginning, he assembled people who were strong in their expertise. People specifically placed to get his ideas lifted and provided products that would advance our way of life in the future. However, it was not WHAT he was making that was so intriguing, it was in HOW it was presented.

He presented his products into the world as a lifestyle around his products and what having them would do to advance you as a person.

The Right People

To get that accomplished, you must have the right people on the team. Don’t waste time with people you don’t see a future with! A mentor once told me that there are three groups of people that you should have in your life at all times:

  1. People that pour into you (Mentors/ Icons/ Leaders)
  2. People who you pour into (Customers/ Mentees/ Students)
  3. People that help you along the way (Employees/ Cohorts/ Teammates)

Our Heroes

We love the avengers because we see ourselves as the heroes of our own story and understand the need to have a strong team to help us tackle the tough tasks of life. We need leaders to show us the way, become students of the craft, then serve what we have to help others. Apple is an inspiration to many, and businesses want to model Steve Jobs so that we could serve our communities with the best of the best. Your teamwork makes the dream work; therefore, your selection is vital!

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