Coffee & Stories Community Tour

[custom_textbox title=”Coffee & Stories Community Tour” title_fontsize=”40″ text_align=”center” text_title_border=”bottom_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69b” text_under_align=”center” text_content=”The ‘Coffee & Stories Community Tour’ is an opportunity for young adults from unique backgrounds and values to come together to discuss the transitions in life that we all go through. EVERYBODY has a story! Out of that very story come the lessons that we can all benefit from.
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[textbox title=”ABOUT ” title_fontsize=”40″ text_title_border=”bottom_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69c” text_content=”Change is inevitable and it does not discriminate. Change is even the 3rd guarantee in life (next to death and taxes). Transitions, however, are the time period in-between changes. Therefore, How you deal with your transition will determine how you handle your next change. So having this discussion in a small group will enhance our community!

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[textbox title=”Introducing your Host: J-Pier Durio
” title_fontsize=”32″ text_title_border=”left_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69c” text_content=”A local Life Transitions Coach that has been serving the greater Austin area for the last 2 years. With experience in Sales, Management, Human Resources and a big brother to 7 siblings, he may have some insight that will benefit those going through a transition. Not a perfect individual with all the answers, but a person with a burning desire to help others succeed.

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[textbox title=”His first book Transitions:
” title_fontsize=”32″ subtitle=”Balanced on Shaky Ground” text_title_border=”bottom_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69c” text_content=”J-Pier uses personal experiences to illustrate what could be holding you back during a transition and what could excel you to handle whatever comes your way! Be sure to grab yourself a copy and follow the conversation. #coffeeandstories #transitionsbook
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[textbox title=”BRING YOUR QUESTIONS!
” title_fontsize=”40″ subtitle=”These are sample questions and we encourage you to bring your own as well” text_title_border=”bottom_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69c” text_content=”- Do I really want to be an entrepreneur, or is it just a cool thing to say?
– How do I get out of the shadow of what my parents want for me, rather than what I want for myself?
– Am I really sure of the college major I chose?
– Am I ready to date?
– How come I just can’t just quit my job?
– Does money matter if I have others to bail me out?
– How do I find a Mentor in my field?
– How do I avoid associating with the wrong people?
– How do I best maximize my network and my ability to network to help myself?
– How do I find purpose in what I’m doing at the moment?
– How do I move on from a breakup, will it ever stop hurting?
– My friends live for the weekend, but I’m afraid to let them know how I really feel.
– How do I embrace diversity and learn to accept others where they’re at?
– How do I value my belief system, when those around me could care less?
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[textbox title=”WHAT TO EXPECT” title_fontsize=”40″ text_title_border=”bottom_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69c” text_under_align=”center” text_content=”~ One night per Coffee Shop ~
~ Grab a pleasurable drink ~
~ Mix and mingle with new people ~
~ Book Reading of 1st Chapter ~
~ Free interactive coaching session live ~
~ Book signing ~
~ 2 hour time period ~
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” title_fontsize=”40″ text_title_border=”top_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69c” text_under_align=”center” text_content=”Each signing will include an on the spot live coaching! We are asking you to come with your questions. Who knows, someone may ask the very question that has been burning on the inside of you and we will explore the answer together. Don’t miss your opportunity to get in with the discussion!
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[textbox title=”DISCLAIMER
” title_fontsize=”48″ subtitle=”Due to sensitive topics being discussed, hate speech, politics, an attack on sexual identity and an attack on religious affiliations WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! This event was created to be a safe place.” text_title_border=”bottom_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69c” text_under_align=”center”]