Our Story

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[custom_textbox title=”Our Story” title_fontsize=”40″ text_title_border=”bottom_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69b” text_content=”Established in Autumn of 2015, Minute Plus was started with the intention of reaching people in their 20’s (Now Millennials, and upcoming Generation Z). These are the years of an individual’s life to make keystone decisions, instill good habits and establish disciplines for the future. Provided that these traits get installed early on, young people can build a life that will be of their own crafting for a stronger foundation for their later years. Living in a world of busyness within the technological era, we have been bombarded with instant attention grabbers. In today’s vernacular, to simply sit down and enjoy an ice cream with a friend without cell phone usage would be considered out of the ordinary. Here, we provide a platform to give you a break from the distractions and hone your skills to create a life of fulfillment. ” content_fontsize=”16″ border_color=”#00a69b”]

With time being our greatest commodity, it matters how we use it. All of us know how to waste time, but very few know how to make the most of it. This predicament sparked an idea in our founder J-Pier Durio’s head about how we value our time or if we do at all.

Starting off with inspirational content, J-Pier started to produce short videos with a goal of making them no longer than a minute. The goal geared around the time use of a single minute. From those videos came short blogs, and from blogs came a series of conversations that began to circulate throughout the city of Austin. Leveraging rideshare (Uber/Lyft) as a platform to have these conversations, J-Pier built a sample size over time of many individuals in need of a ride to ask them the key questions: what do you want to do with your life and how are you going to achieve it?

Over a three year period, several thousand results came in. About 75% – 80% of the young riders did not have a plan. Neither did they have at least one confidential mentor to be able to express their ideas.

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Now what started as a passion to inspire people in a short amount of time became J-Pier launching into service, providing several hundred free hours of dedicated time to consulting with many young adults throughout the city of Austin. He used his background in Human Resources, sales, and active listening skills to help guide these individuals in their decision making. He desperately wanted to add value to the time they had.

Some individuals turned into paying clients and some conversations turned into paid speaking engagements for professional management teams. There an official business was born. With personal coaching now added to our roster, Minute Plus was registered to become a local business that offered the service of One-on-One Personal Coaching; A hub for inspirational information via blogs and soon to be our very own book published in-house.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a small part of our story! We still have a long way to go and more lives to change. So keep up with us as we grow. Some more exciting plans and projects are coming your way so stay tuned!

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