Meet J-Pier

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J-Pier Durio is an Inspirational Speaker, Life Transitions Coach and an emerging Author in the Austin, Texas area. With an authentic approach to life and captivating storytelling, J-Pier has been able to inspire people from major corporations, start-ups, universities, and halfway houses. His primary goal is to help individuals in their prime years (the 20’s) to make the decisions that will advance them, not hurt them in the long run.

Raised in Baltimore Maryland, J-Pier was brought up in a blended family that taught him how to deal with accountability at a young age. Being the oldest of 8 children, J-Pier learned to manage conflict resolution when the reality of different personalities came to light.

From selling candy in high school to having a sales career that led to working in the field of Human Resources, his dealings with people relations sparked a flame in him that would not go out!

The gift of encouraging others through speaking became a priority that led him to become a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Program for Public Speaking and Human Relations.

J-Pier is dedicated to helping others reach tangible goals with practical tools that will extend into uncharted territories. The seasons may change, but strong people know how to adapt.