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[textbox title=”Our Founder: J-Pier Durio” title_color=”#565656″ title_fontsize=”40″ subtitle=”Life Transition Coach ~ Inspirational Speaker & Author. ” subtitle_color=”#6d6d6d” text_title_border=”bottom_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69b” text_content=”The good, the bad and the indifferent all have a place. My name is J-Pier and I speak to young adults who are in their 20’s. These are your PRIME years in life to make decisions that will send a ripple effect throughout the rest of your life. I help to create roadmaps and tangible steps in order for individuals to be effective on their next level… not just to arrive. Hire me as your personal coach or select me as your next speaker. In the meantime, read the inspiring material below and sign up for updates! ” content_fontsize=”16″ text_content_color=”#757575″ text_animation=”fade-in-right” text_animation_delay=”150″]
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