Take a minute to be inspired 

I created a series short clips to inspire and challenge you to think about your time. Simply, your time is valuable and it should not be taken for granted! 

We all have 1,440 minutes a day, no more, no less…

Take one to be inspired. Enjoy!


Don’t Abort Your Mission! How to Become an Evergreen Another Name for Adversary
10 Minutes of Ingenuity Stop Overthinking! How to Compartmentalize Your Day
Has Your Boat Sailed? BREAK the Mirror Get in Your Workout
Change Your Perspective Take the NEXT Step How to Attack your Issue
Other Opinions Deathbed Check your Rolodex
Out of the Norm Don’t be an Imitation Disappointment
Build Your “WHY” Wall Distractions List of Gratitude
Family to be Thankful for REAL Friends What can you do with 5 Hours?
Today is a GOOD Day Wishbones are not Good Dark Window
ALL Under Construction Don’t Take the Elevator