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[textbox title=”Lost a relationship? ” text_under_align=”center” content_fontsize=”16″]
[textbox title=”Lost a job?” text_under_align=”center” content_fontsize=”16″]
[textbox title=”Had to move back in with your parents?” text_under_align=”center” content_fontsize=”16″]
[textbox title=”Had car troubles?” text_under_align=”center” content_fontsize=”16″]
[textbox title=”Laughed at yourself for making obvious mistakes? ” text_under_align=”center” content_fontsize=”16″]
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[custom_textbox title=”Description” title_fontsize=”40″ text_align=”center” text_title_border=”right_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69b” text_content=”As we follow the story of a young man going through hardships, it is what his mentor instructs him on how to D.W.E.L.L. on the right things, rather than the wrong ones. Discover the journey of what life brings him as you learn how to deal with your next transition.
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Denial < Discernment

Worry < Worth

Excuses < Expectation

Lazy < Laughter


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[textbox title=”J-Pier Durio” title_fontsize=”40″ subtitle=”Life Transition Coach ~ Inspirational Speaker & Author.” text_title_border=”right_border” text_border_underline_color=”#00a69b” text_content=”J- Pier is a coach that helps you create a roadmap and tangible steps to STEP UP in life! In order for you to become effective in your next level, you need to know what to do when you get there. Young adults that are in their 20’s are in their PRIME years to make these decisions. These very decisions will send a ripple effect throughout the rest of your life. Let J-Pier help you create a plan to execute your next goal!” content_fontsize=”16″]
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