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NEW BOOK Transitions: Balanced On Shaky Ground
A transition takes place in between changes. Change is inevitable! Change does not discriminate! A change will not back down! Therefore, the 3rd guarantee in life (next to death & taxes) is ... CHANGE! However, what you do in between ...matters! This book will be dealing with your ~IN-BETWEEN ~ What you do and how you go about it will determine whether your next change will be a wipeout or can you stand the rain!


Our Founder: J-Pier Durio Life Transition Coach ~ Inspirational Speaker & Author.
The good, the bad and the indifferent all have a place. My name is J-Pier and I speak to young adults who are in their 20's. These are your PRIME years in life to make decisions that will send a ripple effect throughout the rest of your life. I help to create roadmaps and tangible steps in order for individuals to be effective on their next level... not just to arrive. Hire me as your personal coach or select me as your next speaker. In the meantime, read the inspiring material below and sign up for updates!

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Emotional Giveaway
Jan 2020

Quit the Emotional Giveaway Eager Beaver One time, a couple of guys and I went out to get something to eat at a restaurant. As soon as we had been shown to our seat, my friend had this stunned look on his face. When we got our appetizer, he then let the group know that the girl at the door wanted him. Eagerly we all looked to see who he was talking about and thought that it was some girl that came in after us and sat in the front. We thought maybe this was some girl we all worked with, and some time had past were several instances occurred [ Read more ]

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Your Best Shot
Dec 2019

Peace Comes After Your Best Shot Counseling Others As a life coach, I have had the privilege of counseling several individuals with their relationship issues. The issues are discussed, explored, and opened from both sides, then the silver lining is found. Next, together, we explore options for possible solutions for the sake of the relationship. Only after dissected information is given will a decision be made by the individuals in the relationship to make tangible steps of moving forward. I simply serve as a mediator and help construct the bridge that needs to be made out of the wall that they had built before they got to me. I find [ Read more ]

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Dangerous “Type”
Dec 2019

Your “Type” Can be Dangerous The List Have you ever wrote down a list of what you would like in a spouse? Some relationship gurus would advocate for you to write a list full of all the details so that you can know what you want when you see it. Others tell you to rip up that list and let life just hit you with a person that would be good for you. Some say that you have to become the list you write for you to manifest to the person you desire. Then you get all kinds of testimonies from people who lucked up by following all of these [ Read more ]

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