Back in November of 2015, I got laid off my corporate job. Missing out on Holiday pay, I had to find a gig to keep food on the table, so a friend of mine suggested I do Rideshare while I went through this transition. After a week, to test the waters, I found it to be more lucrative than my previous job!  Being in Austin for about a decade and not knowing my city compelled me to explore it and meet amazing people along the way. With this new flexibility to work on speaking and other projects, I now had the freedom to work on myself to benefit others! I promised myself that I would NEVER go back to corporate America as part of the staff, but being brought in, to MOTIVATE the staff!

 Occasionally a connection is formed for opportunities to speak. This is also how I met the connection to Google. Life has a way to show you that anything can happen when you are ready for it. 

This page is dedicated to those who ride with me as they are apart of my journey.


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