Your Best Shot

Peace Comes After Your Best Shot

Counseling Others

As a life coach, I have had the privilege of counseling several individuals with their relationship issues. The issues are discussed, explored, and opened from both sides, then the silver lining is found.

Next, together, we explore options for possible solutions for the sake of the relationship. Only after dissected information is given will a decision be made by the individuals in the relationship to make tangible steps of moving forward. I simply serve as a mediator and help construct the bridge that needs to be made out of the wall that they had built before they got to me.

I find joy when I know that I have done my part in what people hired me to do. I have lived under the philosophy that once you work with me, my job is to lose my job. In other words, I want to be the one to let you know that you already have what you are seeking me out for. Therefore, I must help pull out those tools, hand them back to you, and encourage you to use them. Only then is when my job is done.

When it Hits Home

I have developed such a confidence that I know what information I choose to give, will help in some way or another. With many clients, study, and years of practice, I know that my information is reliable. However, when it came close to home and members of my immediate family inquired of my advice… it was another story.

It was one thing to help and assist people that are not connected to your bloodstream but quite another when it hits home. I remember going through similar processes with my loved ones and thought that my counsel would help them make healthier decisions. Only to find out that their infatuation with their significant other override anything I had to say. It hurt me deeply to see them go through emotional, mental, and even physical abuse from their chosen partner. Manipulation to the point that one person held the baby they had together hostage until they got back with them. It was months before my loved one was able to see their child.

Doing My Part

I chose to add their burden onto my shoulders and only got hurt further in the process. Frankly, it drove a wedge between my loved one and I. We would not speak for weeks because of my zealousness over their willingness to get better. Eventually, I had to stop fighting more than they were willing to. You indeed can’t help someone who does not want to help themselves! Eventually, I had to have peace, knowing that I have done my part. If you feel knowing that you gave it your best shot, you can sleep at night.

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