The Pile-Up

Shut Down The Pile-Up

The Set-Up

Spending time as an Uber driver, I’ve received all kinds of requests from people who wanted to make their riding experience more comfortable for them. Even though it is a riding service, some take their requests too far. At the expense of consideration, many of those requests are no longer granted due to advanced disregard.


For example, a person may ask if they could add a 5th person to a four-person ride (while promising to give extra cash for the trouble). They guarantee that the additional person could just sit on someone’s lap during their ride. The rider then asks to change the music and turn it up to feel more at home. Once they are good and comfortable, one person rolls down their window and begin to vape an e-cig. Getting closer to their destination, they see a Taco Bell and ask to grab a bite along the way. Immediately taking out a loose fit taco, sauce drips on your seat. Once you finally arrive at the designated stop, a final last-minute request is asked to provide an extra stop for the 5th wheeled person. Now that you have extended more courtesy, that last person exits your vehicle, slams the door and forgets to add a tip. As a final straw, you look at your back seat to find leftover Taco Bell wrappers on your seat.

How would you feel after that experience?

Time to Set Boundaries

Would you feel that you had provided excellent customer service? Would you feel that you were just a doormat? Or Would you feel that you would have to set some boundaries moving forward? Over the years, I have learned that people will always get away with what they can get away with. With no regard for others around them, as long as they get accommodated, all is well. Nevertheless, at the expense of disrespecting others along the way, I have learned to shut down unwanted requests early!

I have learned to set boundaries in my life that would protect my peace, keep respect, and save relationships. Without having things in place, people will pile up unwanted requests until you feel taken for granted. Do yourself a favor, learn to say “NO” early, and shut down the pile-up!

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