Intrapersonal Relationship

Take Your Intrapersonal Relationship Seriously

Your Esteem Will Take a Hit

Have you ever worked so hard on a task and the people in whom you work for, not take notice? How about all of your studies, for the exam, your career, or a project that is due? You pride yourself on knowing that you can do a good job and deliver reputable solutions. However, you still don’t receive the respect that is due for a job well done.

After a while of toil, sleepless nights, and productivity, you seem to be running out of gas. You begin to ask yourself if it is even worth the effort anymore. You question not your ability to deliver, but your ability to please. Then if the approval does not come from the right person, your identity begins to be in question. Your esteem will take a hit, and you will begin to lose hope. Without hope, you will not have the strength for faith. Faith helps you to believe in yourself. Without belief, your purpose is nonexistent. Without a purpose, you are now amongst the walking dead!

Look Back Into the Mirror

Many teachings offer advice on your interpersonal relationships (the close relationships that you have with others), but seldom do you hear about your intrapersonal relationship. (The relationship that you have with yourself.) We so often want to perform for others, that we neglect the person who’s looking us back in the mirror. We somehow think that other people’s approval will determine our value. This simply is not true.

A mentor once told me that you should work harder on yourself than you work on your job. For if you work hard on your job, you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune!

Where Purpose Begins

The primary reason that you work a job is so that you can provide the lifestyle that you can afford. However, developing yourself in your purpose will help you endure the job you currently have and will help you to not work for approval, but from it. Your purpose can only be found when you tap into your intrapersonal relationship. With that, your purpose can determine which job you take and how long to stay there. Even if a person decides to fire you from that job, they cannot fire you from your purpose! Your purpose will establish you so that you can withstand the storms of each stage in life and give you the ability to stand after each wave!

Refresh Your Identity

Your purpose will kindle your belief, a belief that will produce faith, faith that will sustain hope, hope that will build your esteem, esteem that will instill confidence in your identity. Therefore, you must take your intrapersonal relationship seriously.

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