Shiny Coats

Shiny Coats Are Great Until They Fade

The Offer

As a life coach, people from all walks come into my life, wanting to figure themselves out from an outside perspective. Although I have charged for services, I have occasionally taken on personal requested sessions. As I do like to help people, a lot of individuals forget that I am a person as well. I have had a few people hunt me down this year to receive my advice. They fought to get onto my calendar and then had a compelling story that made it hard to say no to. We would meet up, go over goals, and plan to execute them. When we would meet up, I would have a plan ready, plus room to have a real conversation. Coaching sessions are the most natural part of the process because it is the time to deliver the call, and it gives a chance for the recipient to respond to it.

The Frustration

However, the pride and joy of it all are within the follow-up and accountability in between sessions. These moments make the sessions worth time and effort. Not to mention the hours of research, planning, and customization before each session (the hardest part & most time spent). I have realized that once the person develops the confidence to make it on their own, their participation dwindles. What used to be them scratching for your time, now has you fighting for a follow-up.

Now because of all the time I have put into this person, I am left empty and somewhat betrayed because I have accepted to provide a high level of service for free. Some people are only genuine until they get what they need from you. While going through a crisis, help looks like a juicy burger when you’re on a diet. Help looks like the gym after the doctor gave you bad news. However, when you think that you are in good shape, you drop your membership and order you two burgers.

The Consequence

Your old habits re-establish, and the cycle begins again until you break it. Information is free, but accountability is an investment. I am a person; what I do is my shiny coat. Once people get a glimpse of what I have, they want to shine as well. But if people get used to the coat, or God forbid I take it off, the greatness of my gift begins to fade.

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