Perform For Them

Perform For The Haters

The Extra Mile

It isnt easy to perform a job and not be appreciated for what you contribute to the role. Growing up, going the extra mile was a given. One of my early jobs, I was instructed to display “Lagniappe.” This means to provide extra care from what you have promised to deliver. Customer service that goes beyond expectations when you want to leave a lasting impression matters to a forward-thinking person. However, in your quest for significance, not everybody will appreciate what you do.

Not Appeased

The thought that you put into a project; the strategy for growth that you brought to the table; the ideas that you had stored for the right moment, all just so that they can be treated like a fart in the wind. People spend a lifetime trying to please others, just for them to come up short in other’s eyes.

The appreciation level has dwindled, the workload has doubled, and the acknowledgment has vaporized. We live in a world where we seek approval from people who are not qualified to give it but must perform for the sake of advancement. Although we should not seek “yes-men,” but take on the challenge that we will not please everyone.

Keep Moving

Therefore, we must keep moving in spite of those who disapprove. Your significance should be found in your purpose and in the one who created you. This way, you can work from significance, not for significance. Therefore, it would become easier to perform for your haters.

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