Not My Relationship!


Salty Much?

One day I at a gas station to grab some stacks, and I saw this couple holding hands as they walked passed the station. The two young ladies behind me began to shout out, “Okaaay… We get it! We all know that you guys are in a relationship!!” I thought to myself, “Salty much?” I mean it was not like the couple was grabbing butt and trying to have a baby in the parking lot, they were just holding hands! The girls behind me just lashed out because of her previous pain. I thought that was a bit extreme given the case.

The Unexpected

In my line of work, I meet people in relationships all the time. Although I seek companionship myself, I will admit that I’ve seen couples that I have envied because of how good they looked on the outside. I would see a young lady that I would perceive to be “my type” until she’d open her mouth. I would ask some couples how long they have been together (Because who doesn’t enjoy a good love story?) and they will mention that they have been together for 6 to 10 years. I would then ask how long they have been married, and then they would say that they were not ready for such a thing, but they have a kid, a dog, and a house together.

Confused, I would think to myself that I would not want to go that long with someone and not want to take it to the next level. Now I genuinely believe that if you are in a boyfriend/ girlfriend situation, the door is open, but if you are in a husband/ wife situation, the door is closed. I realized that I would never want to be in a baby daddy situation a long time ago. I also would not want to be the one pulling a woman along for a ride if I’m not fully committed to in the long run.

Your Time

Time is too precious, and people are too valuable just to be toyed with unless you are not mature enough for a real relationship. I have realized that if a couple does not share your values, then they should NOT be relational aspirations. This will allow you to wish those people well and not to consider them #GOALS!

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