Joy & success depend on your ATTITUDE and ACTION. You have to have commitment if you want your plans to be established. Rather than staying in one place or slowly shuffling along… it is time for you to L.E.A.P.





The beginning of death is when you stop learning. In order for you to stay relevant in your field, you must become a disciple. A disciple is one who studies under a philosophy, or the main teacher in order to live a principled lifestyle. A disciple is also one who commits to a lifestyle of learning. Being well knowledgeable gives you the competitive edge among your peers and colleagues to assure that you know what you are doing. People only trust a consistent learner to lead them. Do we want the doctor to operate on us who is at the cutting edge of medicine or the one who is still operating in the last century? Even when one Masters, it is important to keep Mastering. Commit yourself to learn and never quit. Keep an open mind and gain a new perspective from those who have gone before you. Don’t be ashamed to ask about what you don’t know because a teacher’s favorite student is the one who asks the most questions. As life is ever-changing, it will challenge what you have learned. Just as any tool needs to be sharpened, you must continue to learn to keep your edge. So never back down from a challenge and keep your mind sharp!




This is the time for you to increase the level of your expectations! It is said that  “If you think down, you will go down. If you think up, you will go up. However, you will always travel in the direction of your thinking.” Simply put, you get what you expect! Don’t let this be another season that you have a low expectation for your life. Opportunity shows up to those who expect it. Otherwise, it will just be hidden in plain sight. Expectations also tap into your courage for living. To live a full life, without wasting time wondering what could have been! The greatest confidence is found inside of yourself. For if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? Your expectation will either win people towards your vision or lose them. That kind of expectation has a standard. Therefore, the company of those you keep around you will elevate in accordance with the standards that YOU set.




The first step in recovering from being an alcoholic is admitting that you are one. Accepting where you are in life is a bigger deal than you may think. About 85% – 95% of people are in denial of where they currently are, seeming to walk around blind with their eyes wide open. We all have enough weight in life to pull us down. From the way, we compare ourselves to others, to being afraid of being discovered that we don’t have it all together. When we fall apart the only way to get rid of a stumbling block is to confront it. Admit your faults, humble yourself and take your loss. You learn more by losing than you do by winning because the pain and embarrassment of that loss will motivate you to NEVER want to go back to where you once were. Failure helps you know where you fell last and clues you into what pieces are needed to be picked up. This reveals the next step you need to take. Your next level can unveil your next relationship, business idea, financial breakthrough, physical strength or spiritual awareness. Pride goes before the fall and those who have a big pride have a big fall. However, as you learn more, increase what you expect and accept where you are. This will allow you to press forward.




In order for your power to be activated, you must press into action! To press is to apply pressure towards what you want to be awakened. Awaken your ideas, dreams, relationships, and your strength so that you can put into motion what needs to be done. When you make a decision to do something you will get outside pressure from all sides. Resistance is a natural force of any object moving forward. Do not be discouraged. Trust what’s inside of you. It will be what you’ve awakened that will be your greatest defense against the forces of resistance around you. Focusing on the right mark helps you reach your goals more effectively. Because of what you focus on… you give power to. If your focus is derailed then your distractions will have power over you. Therefore, you would need to press your focus back into place. Your ideas, dreams, right relationships and good health will be the reasons why you need to keep your focus. Press into what you want in life and the pressure you apply will then awaken your CHAMPIONS against the distracting forces. Both from yourself and from the people in your life who will believe in you, you will be reminded of what you have LEARNED, what you EXPECT, what you ACCEPT and to keep PRESSING forward so that you can LEAP!


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