God Matters

The Most Popular Conversations Today

Talking about your favorite TV show, music artist, and the latest meme on the internet are the most popular and widely accepted conversations to have today. To tell a joke or converse about food are also subject favorites.

However, if you wanted to get into a spiritual subject, it could be as imprecise as a blind painter. Dangerous words like Lordship or submission make people make the sign of the cross more than a charismatic preacher can say hallelujah! The idea of a higher being in the sky watching our every move is kind of creepy when you think about it.

But What is Valuable to Talk About?

But, have you ever needed to be looked after when you got in trouble as a kid? Did you not need protection from doing something that would hurt yourself? How about grace from an unavoidable mistake? Have you ever wondered why you survived that car accident, a harsh break-up, parental abandonment, or a tragic encounter?

What to be Grateful for

You woke up this morning and had enough oxygen to carry you through the day. You had a variety of food options to eat throughout your time to keep your stamina. You have a mind to make decisions on your own as you completed the necessary tasks for the sake of productivity. You even had obstacles come through to hurt you, but somehow you survived to live another day.

This sounds like protection hidden in plain sight. I have realized that we all will make time for what we value. Somehow, we as a society have traded our need to talk about what is necessary to keep us sain, to what will keep us entertained. I dare say that what I believe to be God has more to do with our lives than we give credit for. Not a form of energy, a particular force, or even the universe deserves this kind of credit. Simply because all of these things have been created, and God is their architect. I have resolved to give credit to whom it is due and educate myself in more of who and what God is. Although many individuals and philosophies claim this title, I have decided to put my trust in Jesus.

Necessary Findings

Many things in this world are necessary to spend your time on, family, career, friends, and health, but the one who created your ability to enjoy these things, God matters as well.

What do you do to signify God mattering in your life?

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