Assumptions Check

Check Your Assumptions

Deceiving Looks

Have you ever got into a conversation with someone, and you thought that the subject matter was below them? Until they had a rebuttal, they looked to have a dull view due to their appearance? Then they begin to present a strong argument and bring along facts and examples that seemed to come out of nowhere? I used to say that it was never safe to assume. However, my dad challenged that saying one day and said that the only thing that we should assume is that people are smarter than you may perceive.

Check Yourself

Don’t underestimate how smart people are! We are surrounded by intelligence, brilliance, and some genius at times. Universities don’t define them, street smarts don’t define them, age, color, nor gender defines them. People are just smart! I dare say that when we underestimate other people’s level of comprehension, we do the same about our own. Therefore, it would behoove you to check your assumptions.

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