Assigned Ideas

Your Ideas Are Assigned to You

The Power of an Idea

Nothing is as powerful as an idea. The development we see around us walking outside, from the movies we watch, the music we listen to, then to the products we buy. All of the innovative creativity that we share on a project all come from an idea. The human experience is full of individuals that have shared their thoughts that help advance the future, as we know it. We were all created with a mind. Inside your mind, thoughts percolate. Once a thought is ignited, it paves the way for an idea. An idea produces a plan; a plan to a product; a product that solves a problem; a problem that was discovered; a discovery by someone who had an issue; an issue that was shared by many; now it’s time to find a solution; a solution that percolates a thought; a thought, turned into an idea.

Mental health is drastically crucial so that we can operate out of a sound mind. For if our minds are rational, we would make better decisions and create things that make the world a better place.

Don’t Imitate

We all have people whom we aspire to, but not for us to fully imitate. Our ideas are essential for progress as individuals and should be tapped into for personal advancement. However, if we do have an idea, we should embrace it. It may be the key to your potential, ideas, and success. Unused potential leaves dormant areas in your life that should be kindled.

Make Your Mark

Now that you know the importance of your ideas, the world is waiting! Even though we have almost 8 billion people on the planet, there is an extreme need for ideas to be implemented to help the next billion to survive. We have 360k people born a day, and we individually hold a responsibility to make our mark. The purpose that we were born with is to be dug out with the ideas that we find. Those ideas that grant us distinction. Set apart from the masses, to help the masses. Take on your purpose like an authorization! This is the reason why your ideas are assigned to YOU.

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