A Good Attitude

A Good Attitude is Not Enough


Just as you know that a good intention will never replace an action; apathy should not be confused with empathy; competency is more important than having a good attitude.

The Test

I remember working a job this year that I did not like. I was not that versed in my role, so I did what I knew best until I got the hang of the proper procedures. After a while, I still did not comprehend some of the processes and used a good attitude to cover up what I did not know. Eventually, it came down to me being the nice guy who was an idiot! It’s one thing to experience excellent customer service, but it quite another when you can’t get anything done.

The Reality

As embarrassed as I was, I began to work overtime and off of the clock to get down the process. But deep down inside, I knew that I did not want to be there, nor did I see a future in that industry.

I was eventually let go, and it was such a terrible day for me that I went out and bought a pork chop and a Mai Tai at a steak house as a celebratory meal! I was celebrating the fact that I was released from a job that was holding me back from what I was made to do. Then I had my time back to work on what truly mattered to me! Now I can add a good attitude to what I am competent in, and that combination is more than enough!

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