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Adding Value To The Time You Have


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NEW BOOK Transitions: Balanced On Shaky Ground
A transition takes place in between changes. Change is inevitable! Change does not discriminate! A change will not back down! Therefore, the 3rd guarantee in life (next to death & taxes) is ... CHANGE! However, what you do in between ...matters! This book will be dealing with your ~IN-BETWEEN ~ What you do and how you go about it will determine whether your next change will be a wipeout or can you stand the rain!


Our Founder: J-Pier Durio Life Transition Coach ~ Inspirational Speaker & Author.
The good, the bad and the indifferent all have a place. My name is J-Pier and I speak to young adults who are in their 20's. These are your PRIME years in life to make decisions that will send a ripple effect throughout the rest of your life. I help to create roadmaps and tangible steps in order for individuals to be effective on their next level... not just to arrive. Hire me as your personal coach or select me as your next speaker. In the meantime, read the inspiring material below and sign up for updates!

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It’s Time to L.E.A.P.
Aug 2018

  Joy & success depend on your ATTITUDE and ACTION. You have to have commitment if you want your plans to be established. Rather than staying in one place or slowly shuffling along… it is time for you to L.E.A.P.     Learn   The beginning of death is when you stop learning. In order for you to stay relevant in your field, you must become a disciple. A disciple is one who studies under a philosophy, or the main teacher in order to live a principled lifestyle. A disciple is also one who commits to a lifestyle of learning. Being well knowledgeable gives you the competitive edge among your [ Read more ]

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Trade Out Your Old Caps for New Ones
Feb 2016

There is an old saying that you should not put new wine into old wine-skins. If this mixture were to happen, the new wine will spoil and would not be good to drink. Same as the mindset that you’ve had for years doing the same thing with the same habits in a new environment. You will always go back on what your decisions provided for you. Growing up in the 90’s I remember the only reason I would by a Snapple drink is because the bottle caps had a potential prize attached to them and if you were to collect so many caps, you could be able to receive the [ Read more ]

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T.D. Jake’s 11 Keys for Millennial Leaders
Jan 2016

Despite what you may have think of T.D. Jakes. This individual is one of the most inspirational influences in our nation today. Author, Speaker, Filmmaker and American Pastor, He is the Bishop of “The Potters House” with over 30,000 members and counting. He puts on conferences for leaders around the world to empower them to go to their next level that also draws over 100,000 in attendance. He has a voice in every medium of social media. However one day while watching one of his messages, what he spoke about really impacted me as a millennial myself on what steps I would need to be great while I am still young. Of [ Read more ]

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