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NEW BOOK Transitions: Balanced On Shaky Ground
A transition takes place in between changes. Change is inevitable! Change does not discriminate! A change will not back down! Therefore, the 3rd guarantee in life (next to death & taxes) is ... CHANGE! However, what you do in between ...matters! This book will be dealing with your ~IN-BETWEEN ~ What you do and how you go about it will determine whether your next change will be a wipeout or can you stand the rain!


Our Founder: J-Pier Durio Life Transition Coach ~ Inspirational Speaker & Author.
The good, the bad and the indifferent all have a place. My name is J-Pier and I speak to young adults who are in their 20's. These are your PRIME years in life to make decisions that will send a ripple effect throughout the rest of your life. I help to create roadmaps and tangible steps in order for individuals to be effective on their next level... not just to arrive. Hire me as your personal coach or select me as your next speaker. In the meantime, read the inspiring material below and sign up for updates!

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God Matters – 11th HARD Lesson
Dec 2019

The Most Popular Conversations Today Talking about your favorite TV show, music artist, and the latest meme on the internet are the most popular and widely accepted conversations to have today. To tell a joke or converse about food are also subject favorites. However, if you wanted to get into a spiritual subject, it could be as imprecise as a blind painter. Dangerous words like Lordship or submission make people make the sign of the cross more than a charismatic preacher can say hallelujah! The idea of a higher being in the sky watching our every move is kind of creepy when you think about it. But What is Valuable [ Read more ]

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32 HARD Lessons (Part 2 of 6)
Nov 2019

6. Shut Down The Pile-Up Spending time as an Uber driver, I’ve received all kinds of requests from people who wanted to make their riding experience more comfortable for them. Even though it is a riding service, some take their requests too far. At the expense of consideration, many of those requests are no longer granted due to advanced disregard. For example, a person may ask if they could add a 5th person to a four-person ride (while promising to give extra cash for the trouble). They guarantee that the additional person could just sit on someone’s lap during their ride. The rider then asks to change the music and [ Read more ]

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32 HARD Lessons (Part 1 of 6)
Nov 2019

This year has been filled with pain, loss, and hurt in many ways. However strong the vicissitudes played out, change does not come without these attributes that contribute to growth. Although there have been some joyful and even blissful moments shared with loved ones, life did not fail to come with many challenges! I was challenged in my faith, my ability, my relationships, and my whole outlook in life as a whole. In honor of turning 32 this year, I thought that I would share with you 32 hard truths that I have learned this past year. Keep in mind that these truths are from my personal experience, and when [ Read more ]

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